8 non candy valentines ideas for kids

Deciding what to send to school on Valentine’s Day can be overwhelming, specially if the school has rules around edible items / food allergies or you just prefer to avoid sweets. If you’re looking for non candy valentines ideas that kids will still love, I’m sharing some really cute options below.


non candy valentines ideas for kids


1. Bubbles Valentines

Bubbles are a childhood favourite, most kids love them! I like keeping a small bubble tube in my purse for on-the-go entertainment for my little ones, so as a parent I don’t mind when they get these as gifts as I can always use a replacement. These bubbles valentines are a good option for daycare or school valentines.

easy bubbles valentines for kids


2. Pop It Valentines

Pop its and fidget toys are popular with kids of all ages, and with so many different shapes and sizes available, they are a valentine option that can suit most budgets. There are even small keychain and bracelet versions available these days, so it shouldn’t be hard to find some pop its that your child’s friends will love. You can pair it with a pop it Valentine Tag to really make it pop!

pop it valentines for kids


3. Play Dough Valentines

Another favourite, play dough never disappoints! I made these play dough valentines cards to make it super simple to add a small play doh pot for an instant valentine.

easy play dough valentines for kids


4. Toy Ring Valentines

Plastic rings are inexpensive and a fun little gift for kids, particularly girls. Pair with our “You are a GEM of a friend” tag for a cute valentine.

toy ring valentines for kids


5. Maze Valentines

For quick and easy, no-fuss valentines, try these heart shaped maze cards. Kids can simply hand out the cards, but if you’re feeling extra you can pair them with a pencil or a maze game toy for another great non-candy gift.

you are a maze ing valentines for kids


6. Slap Band Valentines

For something a little out of the box, these slap band valentines are another cute option. Simply insert a slap bracelet into the slots of these slap band valentines tags and you’re good to go!

slap band bracelet valentines for kids


7. Car Valentines

Toy cars are loved by all kids, my girls love them! Add a matchbox car, hot wheels or any small toy car to a matching car valentines card for a fun kids valentines gift.

toy car valentines for kids


8. Toy Game Valentines

For other non candy valentines ideas, check Amazon or your local Dollar Store for small inexpensive toys in the party bags section. You will likely find small games or toys you can use. I found these games and paired them with a fish themed valentine label to match.

toy game valentines for kids


All the kids valentines tags and cards shown in this post (and many more designs) are available as printables in the Valentine’s Day section of our shop.

I hope this post inspired you to think out of the candy box when planning your kids valentines. Feel free to share your own non candy valentines ideas in the comments, so we can get more inspiration!


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