Cat Party

When I designed this Cat Party theme last year I had no idea I would be using it for my daughter’s 3rd birthday this year. My girl is obsessed with cats. Every time we walk to daycare we have to stop in front of one of the houses on that street and look for the cats in the front yard. There’s usually 2 or 3 of them, she loves to count them and squeals when she finds one. I used to be just like her as a kid, and still am a massive cat person.

With her birthday approaching I knew I had to pick a theme but wasn’t sure what to go for this year so I started thinking about the things she loves the most and cats were pretty high on that list! And so the party planning began!

Cat Party Ideas

It was fortunate that I had already styled a table with this theme last year because I still had some of the decorations and could easily use them again.

Cat Party Printable Banner

I had black, white, grey and pink paper rosettes that I hung with the banner on the wall. I wanted to make the cake a focal point on the table so I placed it on top of an upside-down fruit bowl to give it height. It was a simple chocolate cake with vanilla frosting and I used the Cat Cake Toppers to decorate it. Everyone commented on how cute it looked!

Cat Party Printable Cake Topper

This was a simple get-together at our place for brunch and we opted for easy bite-size food. We had a variety of sandwiches, mini quiche lorraine, mini muffins, nutella croissants and a yoghurt bar. As always, the food was identified by the food labels placed in front of each platter. I also customised some round cupcake toppers to name the sandwich fillings and yoghurt options. I love these little details.

Cat Party Printable Tags

Cat Party Printable Food Labels

Easy Party Decoration Ideas

Cat Party Printable Labels

Cat Party Printable Labels

Yoghurt Station at a Cat Party

To balance the party table I placed a sign with the cute cat character on the right side. This was a great prop for photos with the birthday girl!

Cat Party Ideas

We set up the drinks on a side table completed with a coffee machine for guests to help themselves to a hot cuppa.

Cat Party Ideas

Guests went home with a mini chocolate bar and the little ones received a goodie bag filled with stickers, balloons, party blowers and a bouncy ball.

Cat Party Favors

Cat Party Favors - Printable Chocolate Wrapper

It was a fun morning and the birthday girl had a blast!

Cat Party Printable Decorations


The printables used in this Cat Party and matching invitations are available in the shop.


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