Cookies and Milk Party

There’s something about the smell of freshly baked cookies. It reminds me of my childhood and of those long Summers spent at my grandparent’s house, where my grandmother used to bake all sorts of cookies for the family. By the end of the holidays we always came home with a few jars of cookies each and we loved them!

And who doesn’t love the combination of cookies and milk, right?
I created this little setup to show you our Cookies and Milk theme in action. A simple table with just a few treats turns into a sweet party setting, with the help of some printables.
I love the cute printable signs and the fact that you can keep using them after the party. And I was so happy to finally use those baby blue polka dot straws. How adorable are they with the little flags?

This is a great theme for first birthdays and for cookie lovers of all ages!

This printable party pack is available in the shop here.


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