Doctor Pretend Play Area for Imaginative Play

Doctor Dramatic Play Printables for role play


My 4 year old daughter got a doctor kit toy for her birthday and has been playing with it every day since. She is very curious and not scared of going to the doctor, in fact she actually loves it! I  knew a Hospital / Doctor Dramatic Play scene would be a hit with her so I designed some doctor themed printables to encourage a little bit of learning and make playing even more fun!

Pretend play is one of the best ways for young children to learn through play. While role playing doctors they can learn new vocabulary, develop their speech, practice turn taking, cooperation and problem solving!


Hospital Dramatic Play Printables for pretend Play with ikea play kitchen


The Doctor Dramatic Play printables include:

  • Children’s Hospital and Doctor’s Office signs
  • Reception and Waiting Room signs
  • Eye Chart sign
  • Patient Forms
  • Exam Checklist Form
  • Treatment Plan Form
  • Doctor and Nurse name tags
  • X-Rays
  • Themed labels
  • Bandaids

Everything you need to set up an engaging play space for your little ones!


Printable Waiting Room and Reception signs for pretend play


I turned our Ikea play kitchen around to use as a reception desk and stuck some of the signs at the back with blu-tack.

We sat some dolls in the Waiting Room right next to it, waiting to be called into the Doctor’s Office. My daughter loves calling each of her patients, filling up their patient forms and treatment plans. She can’t write yet, but this is great pre-writing practice. I laminated all the forms so she can wipe and reuse as many times as she likes.

I’m sure we will keep this set up for a while, it has been one of her favourites!


Doctor Forms and X rays printables for imaginative play


You can find all the printables in this post and more as part of the Doctor Dramatic Play Printables available in the shop here.

I would love to see what you do with our printables! If you’re on Instagram please tag @mypartydesign on your photos so I can see them!


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