Easter Egg Hunt Clues Ideas

As Easter approaches, families start to plan some fun activities to celebrate the holiday. One of the most popular Easter traditions is the classic Easter egg hunt, where children search for hidden eggs filled with sweet treats and surprises. But why settle for a basic egg hunt when you can make it even more exciting by adding clues for the kids to solve? In this blog post, I will share a collection of rhyming Easter egg hunt clues ideas to save you some time having to come up with your own!


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Why do we love using clues on our Easter Egg Hunt

Incorporating clues on an Easter egg hunt is a great way to make it more fun by adding an element of excitement and anticipation, but also to encourage the children to collaborate by sharing, reading the clues and solving them together. This is perfect for siblings and family members to improve their communication skills and strengthen relationships by working together to achieve a common goal.

Secondly, a scavenger hunt encourages children to use their problem-solving skills. Depending on the complexity of clues you choose to use, children might have to decipher a riddle or think creatively to get to the next clue. Using logic, making predictions and discussing possibilities are all part of the cognitive process involved in figuring out the clues, all of which contribute to the children’s mental growth and development.


Adapting Easter Egg Hunt clues for different age groups

For younger children, the clues should be simple, direct and easy to understand. Illustrations and symbols can be used alongside or instead of words to make the clues more engaging and easier to comprehend for younger kids.

For older children or teenagers, the clues for the Easter Egg Hunt could be designed to be more complicated and adventurous. This could include using riddles, crosswords, puzzles or clues that require a certain level of knowledge or skill to decipher.

If you have different age groups and abilities doing the same egg hunt, there’s a few different ways you can cater to everyone:

  • You can have the children working collaboratively to solve the clues together (you might need to instruct the older children to share they thought process but let the younger ones figure some of the clues out before they reveal the answer)
  • You can alternate clues with different levels of difficulty for each child and have them take turns solving the clues;
  • Or you can separate children by age group and do a different egg hunt for each level.


Easter egg hunt signs and egg shaped easter egg hunt clues


Rhyming Easter Egg Hunt clues ideas for every part of the house

I started having an Easter egg hunt with clues for my young kids a few years ago, and over time I collected a stash of rhyming clues to switch them up each year, so I’m sharing them with you so you don’t have to spend time looking or making them up for your family! Find below some of our favourite clues for each part of the house, for both indoor and outdoor Easter egg hunts.



Carrots are bunny’s special treats. Where do you keep food cold to eat? (fridge)

You are doing great! Now look where you go to grab a plate. (kitchen cupboard)

You’re almost there, you’ll find it soon. The next clue is where we keep the spoons. (kitchen drawer)

Chocolate eggs are tasty treats! Find the next clue where there are lots of goodies to eat. (pantry)

I can be noisy when I spin to make your clothes nice and clean. (washing machine)

The next clue is with plates, forks and cups. Go to where they all get cleaned up. (dishwasher)

You’re doing great, this is a breeze. Let’s get the next clue because it might freeze! (freezer)

I take your food and return it to you hotter. I also crisp it up, and you’ll probably want butter. (toaster)

I have a sound that goes beep, and my main function is to heat. (microwave) 

Find the next clue and you’ll be a winner, it’s where the adults cook dinner! (stovetop / oven)


Living and Dining Room

Now it’s time to find a chair, look underneath and see what’s there! (chair)

You can have a rest or just sit on me. Where do you like to watch TV? (couch)

The next clue will be a treat, where do you sit down to eat? (dining room / kitchen table)

Easter is for family time and chocolate too! Look under a rug for the next clue. (rug)



Way to go, but you’re not done yet. The next clue is where you get wet. (shower/bathtub)

Easter chocolate is yummy in my belly. Where do you put your socks when they’re smelly? (clothes hamper)

Now you’ve searched everywhere, the next clue is where you fix your hair. (mirror)

You are so quick, but this is not a race. The next clue is where you wash your face. (bathroom sink)

Keep going, you’re on the right path. The next clue is where you take a bath. (bathtub)

I rain on you when you need a scrub, I’m very much like my friend the tub. (shower)


Kid’s Bedroom

The Easter egg hunt is about to begin. You open me in the morning to let the light in. (window/blinds)

When it’s time to turn off the light, where do you go to sleep at night? (bed)

You wear me when it’s cold outside. Check my pockets and see what you can find! (jacket)

Be gentle with Easter eggs, or else they’ll crack. The next clue is inside something you wear on your back. (backpack)

Well done you clever little bunny! Find the next clue where you keep your money. (money box / wallet)

You’ll find lots of treats if you know where to look. Find something you wear on your foot. (sock)

Look closely and you’ll find more treats. The next clue is where you put your feet. (shoes)



This one is easy, just take a look. The next clue is inside an Easter book. (Easter book)

Keep going, don’t stop, the next clue is with a building block. (building blocks basket)

You are almost finished and you’ve been so good, find the next clue where you play with food. (play kitchen)

Let’s go, get on your way, find the next clue where you play. (playroom / play mat)

Chocolate is good to eat and to share too. Which one of your toys goes choo-choo? (toy train)

Search hight, search low, look where you draw with all the colours of the rainbow. (kids desk / art supplies)

Another clue can be found, next to something nice and round. (ball)

You found some clues, but there’s still more. Find the next one with a toy that goes Roar! (dinosaur toy)


Parents’ Bedroom

My job is to put an end to sleep, which I do with music, a buzz, or a beep. (alarm clock)

Keep going, you’re almost there. The next clue is where mum finds clothes to wear. (mum’s closet)

You must be excited to find your surprise, the next clue is where dad keeps his ties. (dad’s closet/drawer)

The Easter bunny hops and hops. Find the next clue where dad keeps his socks. (dad’s sock drawer)


Backyard / Outdoor

You’re getting so close, just a couple steps more, to find the next clue head to the front door. (front door)

Well done, that wasn’t hard! The next clue is in the backyard. (backyard)

I am a box with a stick, and I’m where you’ll find mail quick. (mailbox)

You can find the next clue if you try, just head to the place where we hang clothes to dry. (clothes line)

The next clue should be easily seen, you will find it where the grass is green. (grass)

On a hot day, I give you a shady seat. Come sit here now to find what you seek. (tree)

You should be excited, you’re doing great! The next clue is where we cook a steak. (bbq)

Reach new heights by swinging on my seat, a regular chair just can’t compete. (swing) 

Keep going, don’t stop! The next clue is under a rock. (rock)

Well done, you’ve made it this far, now go look where we park the car. (garage)

You are so quick, you’re full of power! The next clue is next to a flower. (flower)

How many flowers did you see? The next clue is under a tree. (tree)

Keep looking, don’t stop for a chat, the next clue is under a hat. (hat)

Way to go but you’re not done yet, the next clue its where you might get wet. (pond / pool / hose)

Use me to give plants a drink, you fill me up from the kitchen sink! (watering can) 

This treasure hunt went by in a wink! The last clue is where you get a drink. (cooler / water bottle)



And there you have it! This is my growing list of Easter egg hunt clues ideas I’ve been using with my young kids through the years. I always look for or come up with new ones every year, to switch it up or make them more complex as they get older, so I’ll keep adding them to this post.

If you’re looking for a fun template to use with these clues, or some cute Easter egg hunt signs, be sure to check our Easter bunny letters and Easter Egg Hunt clues printables. We have a few designs to choose from and all clues templates include an editable version so you can change the text or add more clues for your egg hunt.


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