Easter egg hunt ideas for kids

Easter egg hunt signs, clues and ideas


Somebunny told me Easter is only one week away! I’m usually one to leave this things till the last minute but this year I got organized early and started planning our Easter egg hunt and a surprise Easter bunny letter for the kids!

My girls are now 2 and 4, last year was the first time we did an Easter egg hunt at our place, when we were stuck safe at home right at the start of the pandemic. I wanted to do something fun for them as we wouldn’t be having family or friends over at that time. So, in my usual fashion, I scrambled to organize everything the night before Easter, writing clues in random pieces of paper and hiding them around the house after they went to bed.

They absolutely loved it, specially the then 3 year old, who asked us to repeat the egg hunt the next day and a million other times through the year. She actually asked us “how long till it’s Easter again” more often then she asked about Christmas!

This year I knew I wanted to make it even more special so I started planning everything early.


Easter Egg Hunt Signs

I made these cute Easter Egg Hunt signs to decorate the house with. These are perfect for an outdoor egg hunt and include Start and Finish signs, along with different arrows and carrot shaped direction signs to guide the children towards the Easter eggs. You just print and add a wooden skewer or craft stick to the back, they’re really easy to make and you can then stick them on the lawn if you’re having the Easter egg hunt in your yard.

We are actually having our egg hunt inside but I’ll use these as decoration, maybe make a little centerpiece for the dinner table.

Easter egg hunt signs

Easter Egg Hunt Clues

Since we are having our egg hunt indoors, I made these Easter Egg Hunt Clues so the kids have to guess the next location. This is what we did last year and it was so fun for the whole family! I spent a while coming up with different places to put the clues in and writing simple clues.

You can make it so that the kids have to follow all the clues and then find an Easter basket at the end, or have chocolate eggs or small gifts with each clue. We are doing 1 small chocolate egg for each child with each clue, then they’ll find their Easter gifts at the end (a bigger egg and a book each).

Easter egg hunt clues, printable and editable


Easter Egg Hunt Bags

To keep things simple and avoid unnecessary waste, instead of buying Easter baskets I repurposed these kraft paper bags by adding a bunny circle (they are actually leftover cupcake toppers from our Bunny Party theme that I stuck to the bags with double sided tape). As we are only doing little chocolate eggs on our egg hunt, these small bags will be the perfect size!

Easter egg hunt bags


Easter Bunny Letter

I told you I was going to make it extra special this year, so I decided the Easter Bunny needed to be more involved ;)

I designed this cute Easter Bunny Letter and made it editable so you can personalize it to your child. Our girls will find an envelope with the letter on Easter morning and it will have the first clue for their Easter egg hunt. You can also have it at the end – a special message from the Easter bunny with their gifts.

Easter Bunny letter for kids, printable and editable


I hope you find some inspiration in this post on how to make Easter even more fun for the kiddies.

All the printables in this post are available in the shop here – Easter Printables


Easter ideas for kids


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