First Day of School Photo Tips

The first day of school is such an important milestone for children and one most parents like to record with a first day of school photo to remember forever.

But in a day of many emotions and excitement it can be easy to get overwhelmed and miss the opportunity to capture the perfect photo, so here are my best tips for nailing the first day of school photo.


hot to nail the first day of school photos

1. Plan ahead

Chances are you’ll be running to get the kids ready and out the door on time that morning, so it can be a good idea to take the first day of school photo before the actual day.

It can be a great opportunity for the child to practice getting ready, packing their bag and wearing the school uniform, if they have one. You can do it the day before or a few days in advance when it suits you.

On the actual day you’ll probably still want to take some candid shots, but you’ll be more relaxed knowing that you got that perfect picture sorted ahead of time and it will be one less thing to stress about on that busy first day of school! You’ll have the photos ready to post on your social media or send to family members on the day without the added stress.


2. Have everything ready

Make sure your phone is fully charged or, if you’re using a camera, that the SD card has sufficient storage available for plenty of photos. You’ll want to be calm and prepared on the day, so you can be there to support your child with their emotions, instead of stressing with technology problems.

Preparation is key!


3. Keep it simple and fun

Avoid busy backgrounds, choose a neutral wall or take the photo by the door or with the child seating on the front steps of your house.

If you choose to use a prop, such as a chalkboard or first day of school sign, be sure you use one that is not too distracting and that your little one’s hands aren’t covering any of the details in it.


4. Use a First day of School Sign

A personalised first day of school sign will make your photo extra special. You can grab one of our printable signs, edit it with your child’s name and details, or just the grade and date. It would be so fun to take the same picture every year, updating the sign, and looking back at your child’s transformation throughout the years!

Our printable back to school signs are editable so you can add in the details before printing, or you can leave them blank and laminate to use with a whiteboard marker year after year or with multiple children.

We also have a first and last day of school bundle, if you’d like to document the last day of school too.


first day of school and last day of school sign bundle in white

first day of school sign in black

If you’re looking for a fun and affordable prop, you can find all our printable first day of school signs here.


5. Don’t sweat the small stuff

It’s ok if your little one’s hair isn’t perfectly groomed or if there’s a breakfast stain on their shirt. Instead of getting annoyed, just remember these details keep it real and when you look back at the photos in years to come, they might make you laugh and wonder how you kept it together on those busy mornings before school.


6. Get in the picture

If you’re like most mums, you’re usually the one behind the camera and often forget (or avoid) getting in the picture. But the first day of school is a special day for the whole family and you should be part of that memory. So be prepared to show up. Dad too!

Your child will appreciate having a photo to look back to and remember what the family looked like at that age.


I hope your little ones have a great back to school this year!

Don’t forget to tag @mypartydesign on Instagram if you use any of our printables, I would love to see your first/last day of school photos!

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