FREE Name and Alphabet Tracing Mat


My 3 year old daughter has been showing an interest in letters lately, and is always asking me to write her name on her drawings. I designed this printable name tracing mat for her to get familiar with the alphabet and practice writing her name.

Laminating the pages for her to use with a white board marker takes the pressure off her, as she can wipe and start over if she makes a mistake, and it also means the mats can be used over and over again!



This file includes 4 pages with upper case, lower case and both upper and lower case alphabet together. And there’s a page with an editable text field where you can type your child’s name or any other words you’re working on.

You can find the instructions and download button below.

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To make your tracing mat:

DOWNLOAD – Scroll down to find the download link at the bottom of this post

EDIT – Open the file in Adobe Reader and type over the sample text to add your child’s name (or any other words you’re working on)

PRINT – Print the pages and let your child trace the letters with pen or pencil directly on the paper

LAMINATE – (Optional) Laminate the pages to use with a white board marker, so you can wipe and reuse.



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