FREE Printable Baby High Contrast Cards

Free printable baby high contrast cards


A baby’s first year of life is critical for their development and their eyesight will experience massive transformations, from seeing shapes, to focusing, recognising colours and developing hand eye coordination. As a parent, a way for you to help your young baby develop their eyesight is to provide high contrast images in black and white for them to look at.

I designed this FREE set of high contrast pattern cards for babies, perfect for newborns and young babies to look at while their eyesight is still developing. Did you know that when babies are born they can’t recognise colours and only see high constrasting shapes?

Using high contrast images like these can provide enough stimulation and entertainment for your baby, while their little brain and eyes develop in these important early months of life. They should capture their attention for short periods of time.


high contrast cards for babies

high contrast cards with different black and white patterns for babies


These hight contrast images are great to keep your baby’s interest during tummy time too. Just leave the cards on the play mat or tape them to a vertical surface in front of your baby to encourage them to lift their head.

Or you can place them on the wall next to your change table for baby to look at while you change their nappy. This can be a great option to encourage your baby to turn their head to a particular side if you need to prevent a flat spot in a young baby.


baby playing with high contrast images

babies hands touching a black and white pattern card


To make the cards:

DOWNLOAD – Scroll down to find the download link at the bottom of this post.

PRINT – Print with the ‘Fit to Page’ option selected so the design will print within the boundaries of your printer.

TRIM –  Trim around each card.

LAMINATE – Laminate the cards for durability. Make sure to round the corners to make them safe for your baby.


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