FREE Printable Face Playdough Mats


Playdough is one of the favourite boredom busters in our house. It’s so easy to put an activity together by getting the playdough out with a rolling pin and a few shape cutters. Playdough mats are another fun way to let children explore their creativity. These ‘Make a face’ playdough mats were an instant success with my 3 year old and inspired lots of learning while we discussed facial features, different genders, skin tones and hair types. We also talked about emotions by making a happy face, sad face, etc.



To make your face playdough mats:

DOWNLOAD – Scroll down to find the download link at the bottom of this post.

PRINT – The file comes with 3 pages with different skin tones. Print one or all.

LAMINATE – After printing, laminate each page so it will be easy to clean and reuse.


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