FREE Printable Plate Playdough Mat


“What’s for dinner?” This might be the most asked question parents hear every day. So next time you’re prepping dinner and your little ones asks you that question, how about keeping them busy making a playdough version of it? Print the plate playdough mat and have them fill the plate with the ingredients. You might be surprised at their interpretation! And while they’re playing with the playdough, they’ll be strengthening their fingers and practicing important fine motor skills. Win-win!


For a mess free alternative you can use the mat with some play food instead of playdough, or just print the page and have the child draw the food on it.


To make your plate playdough mat:

DOWNLOAD – Scroll down to find the download link at the bottom of this post.

PRINT & LAMINATE – After printing, laminate each page so it will be easy to clean and reuse.




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