How to make Christmas special for kids

December is almost here and at this time of the year you may be thinking about how to make christmas special for the little ones in your life.

Children are only little for a few precious years and for me, preserving that innocence and magic in the way they experience life in those early years is a top priority. And Christmas is the perfect time for that! There are so many ways we can enhance the magic of Christmas for our kids and create long lasting family memories.

Let’s find out how!


how to make christmas special for kids


Decorate the tree

This one is a no-brainer. The Christmas tree is usually a central part of the decorations at the house, and setting it up marks the beginning of the festive season. Put some Christmas music playing, wear matching pajamas or themed sweaters, take photos and enjoy decorating the tree with your family.


Write Letters to Santa

What’s more magic in Christmas than the character of Santa Claus! Help your children write or draw a letter to santa, describing their Christmas wishes. I recommend doing this early so you can get your shopping sorted knowing what presents the kids would like to receive.

letter to santa template in red and green


Set up themed activities for little ones

Bring out any Christmas books and puzzles you may have, set up a station for writing Letters to Santa, or give the kids some themed coloring pages, play dough mats and little festive activities.

Check out some Christmas themed play and learn printables below.

christmas letter to santa dramatic play printables

Printable Christmas Activities for kids


Receive a Letter from Santa

Wouldn’t it be great if Santa replied to the children’s letters? Well we have a printable template for that! You can edit our Letter from Santa template with your child’s details or custom response and print to surprise your little one with an official letter from Santa Claus. How special is that?

Letter from santa template printables


Bake Christmas treats together

Christmas is all about family connection. One of my favourite ways to connect with my daughters is to bake something together. Sure it gets messy and takes a lot longer than if I did it alone, but they enjoy it so much and we end up with a yummy treat. Win-win!

Gather your favourite Christmas recipes and start baking!


Have a Christmas countdown

Mark down the days on the calendar, buy a chocolate advent calendar or make your own custom countdown. There are so many creative ideas on the internet to try with the kids, or you can use our Christmas countdown printable. My girls love this one and we use it every year!

printable christmas advent calendar


Go see the Christmas lights

Another one of my family’s favourite traditions. When I was a child, we used to go see the lights in the city in the beginning of December every year. And now I do this with my own kids. Go on a walk to check out the lights around your neighbourhood or drive through the city, the kids will love to stay up late for this special family night.


Bring out the Elf

The Elf on the Shelf is a really fun idea for the younger kids. The idea is that this magic Elf appears before Christmas to check on the children’s behaviour and report to Santa each night, or just to do some mischief around the house. But the only comes alive when the children are asleep, so you must move it each night to a new position to surprise the kids in the morning.

Our printable elf notes are perfect for your elf to leave a custom message for the kids, approved by Santa, of course.

printable elf notes


Watch Christmas movies together

December is such a busy month of social gatherings, school concerts and activities. Make sure to schedule in some time to relax. Spend a weekend afternoon on the couch watching movies as a family. It’a another great way to bond and get excited for the festive season!


What are your favourite activities to do as a family around Christmas? Let me know in a comment bellow!


And don’t forget to tag @mypartydesign on Instagram if you use any of our printables, I would love to see your Christmas fun!

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