How to Party in a pandemic

2020 has been a strange year and we’ve all had to adapt to the current circumstances with quarantine and social distancing and change our way of living in one way or another. But it’s still very much possible to party in a pandemic!

While the way we celebrate may have changed, the feeling remains the same. We are having smaller, more intimate celebrations at home with just the immediate family or maybe a few friends, we’re limiting physical contact or hosting zoom parties, but we are still celebrating!

Today I’m bringing you a few options for your virtual parties, drive-by parties and social distancing friendly celebrations.


Virtual Party

Plan and host a zoom meeting with friends and family without ever leaving the house! This is the best option if you’re in lockdown, if you have guests who live far from you and can’t travel, or if you just want to be extra safe. There is no physical contact but everyone can celebrate and sing Happy Birthday together from the comfort of their homes.

Virtual Party Invitation, Printable Instant Download with Editable Text Quarantine Party Invitation, Printable Instant Download with Editable Text


You can hang a banner on the wall behind you for an easy party backdrop or have fun with quarantine themed decorations!

quarantine birthday photo props - lockdown party printables

Drive-by Party

Invite your guests to drive by your house and celebrate from a distance by honking, waving and cheering the birthday boy or girl from their car. You can set up an area for guests to drop their presents and send them home with a party bag filled with sweet treats, as a way of thanking them for driving by to celebrate with you.

Birthday parade invitation for drive by quarantine party Drive by Party Invitation, Printable Instant Download with Editable Text


Covid-safe Party in a pandemic

If restrictions allow it and you feel safe doing so, you can throw a party in person, with just a few precautions to ensure your guests’ comfort and safety. Just be sure to always check the restrictions and limits in your local area.

Outdoor Venue

Host the party in your backyard or at a local park or picnic area. This will ensure guests will have space to mingle while keeping social distance.

Sanitizing Station

Provide hand sanitizer and encourage your guests to sanitize when they arrive and throughout the event. You can also have sanitizing wipes available for guests to use on surfaces as needed.


Ask your guests to bring a mask to wear at the party, or provide disposable surgical masks at the event. This is specially important if you’re in a public space and masks are mandatory where you live, or if you have elderly or high risk guests.

Portioned food

Minimize food handling and contamination by serving the food and desserts in single portions. Individually wrapped sandwiches, cupcakes instead of a birthday cake, popcorn and snacks in individual serving cups, drinks in bottles or juice boxes. You can even provide a lunchbox or paper bag for each guest with everything inside. Be creative and use these as part of your party decoration. Everything looks cuter in single serves too!


llama party favor tags


This Covid19 pandemic has challenged our way of life and with restrictions still in place in so many states and countries to comply with social distancing advice, the way we celebrate has definitely changed, but it is still possible to throw a party in a pandemic and include our loved ones in the celebrations, you just have to be a little creative!

So, however you choose to party, please keep celebrating the special people in your life. I hope this post has given you some ideas for your quarantine parties!

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