Ice Cream Shop Dramatic Play

My 3 year old daughter is obsessed with ice cream. I’ve lost count of how many random things from around the house have become a pretend ice cream, so I knew an ice cream shop pretend play scene would get much love from her. And so I created her dream ice cream shop with these ice cream shop dramatic play printables!


Ice Cream Shop Dramatic Play Printables for pretend play

Ice Cream Shop dramatic play printables with ikea play kitchen hack


These Ice Cream Shop Dramatic Play Printables were a labour of love and I had so much fun putting them together and coming up with a few activities and games to go with the dramatic play printables.  And of course, her reaction when she saw her very own Ice Cream Shop was priceless! There have been hours and hours of imaginative play and everyone in the house has has their fair share of ice cream. She just can’t get enough of this set up!


Ice Cream order forms from the Ice Cream Shop dramatic play printables


The Ice Cream Shop Dramatic Play Printables include:

  • Shop front sign (3 color options)
  • Menu / Flavors sign
  • Price list sign
  • Ice cream order form
  • Ice cream cone templates
  • Ice cream flavors and toppings labels
  • Ice cream illustration (I used this as part of our shop sign)
  • Coloring page
  • 2 play dough mats
  • Ice cream color matching game
  • Ice block matching game
  • Ice cream counting cards

It’s a PDF with 20 pages of fun activities to keep the ice cream themed play going! Some pages, like the shop signs and labels have editable text, so you can add the child’s name and personalize the printables to suit your play space and props.


Pretend play signs from the Ice Cream Shop dramatic play printables


I set everything up in back of our Ikea play kitchen. I trimmed the shop front signs to fit the top part and added the menu to the side. Everything was stuck in place with a bit of blu tack. The price list fit a 4×6 Ikea frame, next to the paper cups and ice cream cones.

Then I made a divider for the kitchen sink with 2 pieces of cardboard and used it to display our flavors, marked with matching labels. I kept the set up really simple, as from my experience young kids can get overwhelmed and not play so well when there’s a lot going on in their play space.


ikea kitchen hack - ice cream shop dramatic play printables

pretend play ice cream cones and labels from the Ice Cream Shop dramatic play printables


For the ice cream scoops I just used some Kmart pom-poms I had laying around. They were so cheap and are the perfect size for the ice cream paper cones. Just make sure your child doesn’t mouth them or supervise at all times.


Ice Cream Shop printables for dramatic play

ice cream flavor labels for pretend play


To finish it off and make it even more fun, I added the ice cream color matching game to the bottom part of the kitchen. It doubles as an activity and decoration! I laminated all the pieces and stuck the cones to the kitchen with blu tack. Then I gave my 3 year old the ice cream tops with a tiny bit of blu tack at the back and she stuck them in place while matching the colors. I love how colorful and fun they look!


printable ice cream matching game


Also included in this set are ice cream counting cards, an ice block matching game, 2 play dough mats and a coloring page. We’ll be having lots of ice cream fun around here this week!


Printable Ice Cream counting cards

printable ice cream puzzle matching game


Do you have a little ice cream lover too? You can purchase the Ice Cream Shop Dramatic Play Printables in the shop here.

I would love to see what you do with these printables! If you’re on Instagram please tag @mypartydesign on your photos so I can see them!


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