Llama Party Fiesta

I’ve been brainstorming about new themes to design and this Llama Party was at the top of my list. Llamas are such cute animals and with a theme like this you can go crazy on the colours, which is a great way to set the mood for a fun fiesta.

Llama Party table ideas

The styling of this table started with the backdrop. I knew I wanted lots of colours so I twisted a few streamers and hung them on the wall at different heights and angles, overlapping each other. Then I hung the Llama Party banner on top. The banner has editable text so you can type any message you like. For this party I went with a generic “fiesta“.

Llama Party fiesta Banner

Llama Party decorations

The llama cake topper was the perfect embellishment for the cake. The cake had shredded coconut frosting for a fluffy look. I printed the cake topper on white card stock, then cut each piece, added toothpicks to the back with tape and stuck them on the cake. Done!

Llama Party Cake Topper and decorations

Llama Party Printable Cake Topper

Another favourite detail were the cactus cupcakes, an easy treat to make with our printable cactus cupcake toppers. I used 3 little terracota pots to hold the chocolate cupcakes. I had cut and lightly crumbed the tops of the cupcakes to resemble dirt, then stuck the cactus cupcake toppers on top. So easy to do but they added a fun touch to this table.

Cactus Cupcakes at a llama party

Llama Party Cactus Cupcakes

There were also “llama cupcakes”, the same chocolate cupcakes topped with shredded coconut. I decorated those with the Llama Party cupcake toppers and cupcake wrappers.

Llama Party Printables

Llama Party Printable Cupcake Toppers

Llama Party Printable Cupcake Toppers

Llama Party Cupcakes

At the centre of the table I used a small wooden crate to display lemon/lime soda bottles wrapped with the theme’s bottle labels. I attached a straw to each bottle and decorated them with the llama party straw flags.

Llama Party Printables

Llama Party Bottle Labels

And of course no fiesta would be complete without nachos and popcorn! I used colourful plastic baskets on each end of the table to hold those snacks. Yum!

Llama Party food ideas and decorations

Llama Party food ideas

The last detail to add was the “Please take one” sign next to the party favors. The little paper bags had a thank you tag attached with a small clothespin for extra cuteness.

Llama Party favors and Decorations

Llama Party Favors

Llama Party Favors and decorations


I have seen lots of fun Llama Parties lately and I think this will continue to be a favourite theme for the rest of the year. What do you think?

You can shop all the llama party printables used in this table here.

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