Magic Mixies Party Ideas

Do you have a little one who’s obsessed with Magic Mixies, or are you thinking about throwing a Magic Mixies party? Then you’ll love these easy and affordable Magic Mixies party ideas.

Keep reading to see how I decorated a simple Magic Mixies party and made inexpensive party bags in this popular theme!


magic mixies party ideas image showing figurines on a purple cake


What are Magic Mixies?

Magic Mixies are small collectible toys that come in little cauldron pots. There are different collections with different colour post and lots of characters to collect. They’re a surprise type of toy, so kids never know what character they’re going to get until they open the packet and do a little ‘spell’ to reveal the toy.

Each toy comes with a small accessory and has a special feature. Some change colours when placed in hot or cold water, some glow in the dark and some have a magnet wand that reveals some sort of action.

Apparently these are all the rage at my daughters’ primary school and very popular specially with girls. My daughter buys them with her pocket money and brings them to school to show them and swap some with her friends.

magic mixies toys and cauldrons they come in


Throwing a Magic Mixies Party

This year for her 8th birthday, my daughter asked for a Magic Mixies party. While I don’t design commercial themes, I knew I could come up with something fun and creative to give her the party of her dreams.

So I made her a magic potion invitation to set the theme, featuring a fun bubbly cauldron in her favourite purple background.

magic potion party invitation with a purple background and turquoise bubbling cauldron


This year we had a casual party at the park so I didn’t plan a lot of decorations and unfortunately didn’t take many photos at the time, but here are some of the ways in which we incorporated Magic Mixies into the decoration:

  • We used the little cauldrons as cutlery holders around the party table
  • We placed Magic Mixies figurines on top of the birthday cake
  • I designed some themed labels for the party favours and party bags (more on these later)

pink toy cauldron used as cutlery holder for a birthday party

birthday cake with purple frosting with magic mixies figurines and golden candle


Magic Mixies Cake

One of my favourite birthday traditions is to decorate the cake with my girls. I usually bake the cake layers during the week and freeze them. Then the day before the party we make the buttercream frosting and decorate the cake together. Starting with a frozen cake is a great hack because it prevents crumbs and keeps the frosting cold while we’re covering it.

This time we divided the frosting in 3 equal parts and used natural food colouring to make 2 shades of purple, keeping the third one white. We then started covering the cake with a white layer at the bottom, then applied the lighter purple in the middle and the darker purple shade on top, blending them all together. We finished with purple sprinkles on top.

To make it a Magic Mixies cake, we just added 3 (previously washed) magic mixies figurines on top of the cake with a golden candle. I also made a paper cake topper with my daughter’s name.

making a magic mixies cake with purple frosting and figurines on top


Magic Mixies Party Favours

As soon as my daughter decided on the Magic Mixies theme for her birthday, we started searching for items to go on the party bags.

We found these gem shaped bath bombs at Kmart and a great value sticker set with lots of Magic Mixies stickers at Target. As the stickers came in pages, the kids cut them out and made little sets to go in each party bag.

The bath bombs came individually wrapped but, because I didn’t want the kids to mistake them for candy, I felt it was important to put them in small cellophane bags so I could add a label with instructions. You can find the free printable bath bomb label here.

gem shaped bath bombs turned into party favours

magic potion inspired bath bomb tags in the shape of a bubbling cauldron


We then looked for some candy that matched the theme to go in the party bags. We decided on these marshmallow sticks from Kmart and some Nice & Natural gummies from the supermarket. I chose these because the purple package matched the theme and they’re slightly better than regular gummies.

Finally we put everything into paper bags and sealed them with a gem shaped thank you tag. You can find the free printable thank you tag in this post.

magic mixies stickers and candy for party bags

magic mixies party bags idea


Miss 8 loved her Magic Mixies party and cake! She was excited to share the party bags with her friends and they were happily comparing the stickers and bath bombs each one got at the end of the party.

If you have a similar themed party coming up, download the free printable bath bomb labels and thank you tags in this other blog post.


Don’t forget to tag @mypartydesign on Instagram if you use any of our printables, I would love to see your parties!


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