Matryoshka Birthday Party

One of the big reasons I travelled to Portugal this year was my niece’s first birthday. My sister, being the perfectionist she is, has been planning this party for months. She had requested a Matryoshka Birthday Party theme and I started working on it long before I came.

Matryoshka party decoration ideas

We all gathered a few days before the party to work on all the details, and after a lot of DIY, baking and crafting, we were able to put together an adorable Matryoshka first birthday party. Heads up for the team effort, as the whole family helped making this day extra special for her!

Matryoshka party printable banner

Dessert Table

The dessert table included chocolate muffins, jelly, fruit skewers, watermelon pops, custard tarts and other Portuguese pastries. We also had a side table with savoury snacks, such as cheese and cold meats, crackers, croquettes and salads, and a barbecue was served later in the afternoon.


Matryoshka party food

Matryoshka party food with printable toppers

Matryoshka party decoration ideas

birthday food with printable toppers

The birthday girl was so excited with all the colours and loved all the attention she got from everyone.
I can’t wait to see her reaction next year, when she actually understands what this day is all about!


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