Mermaid Party Ideas

My little one had been talking and dreaming about a mermaid party for her birthday for months, so the mermaid party theme was set well in advance, which was lovely for this mum who likes to have time to plan! In this post I’ll share some of the mermaid party ideas we used for her 4th birthday.


mermaid party ideas for girls


Easy Mermaid Decorations

Little Miss had also requested a party at the park, so I went through our mermaid party ideas and selected only a few minimal decorations that were quick and easy to setup – a banner, mermaid cake topper and a little birthday sign. When having a party outdoors, I’m always mindful of potential windy conditions so I avoid labels and small decorations that can easily be blown away.

As it turned out it was raining on the day and we had to change the party location to our house instead at the last minute, but it was still fun and the birthday girl had the best time with some of her closest friends.

mermaid party banner

mermaid party sign and mermaid cake topper


Mermaid Party Food

Since we had planned everything for a park party, we kept the food simple, easy to transport and with minimal refrigeration needed as it was going to be hot. We had a fruit platter (always a hit, specially in Summer), a sandwich platter with assorted fillings, sausage rolls and meat pies, fairy bread and a few more treats and nibbles.

mermaid party cake and food ideas


Mermaid Cake

The mermaid cake was homemade at the request of the birthday girl. We made a marshmallow fondant for the ‘mermaid scales’ and while it was fun to assemble the cake, getting the fondant into the right consistency to cut the circles was a bit tricky. The idea was to have 3-4 different colours but I eventually gave up and settled for only 2 😅

The kids still thought it was cute, they helped cover the bottom of the cake with the ‘mermaid scales’ after I had frosted it with buttercream, then we added our mermaid cake topper on top.

mermaid party cake


Mermaid Party Favors

I am that boring mum who limits sweets to a minimum, so only one marshmallow when into the party bags, along with mermaid stickers and a dive stick toy to keep in theme.

Me and my kids enjoy brainstorming ideas for the party bags that match the theme while avoiding the sugar overload and unnecessary waste.
I wonder how long they’ll keep wanting to include stickers, so far they’re always on the list!

mermaid party favors


The kids helped put one toy, marshmallow and sticker sheet into each paper bag, then attached a mermaid thank you tag to close it. I think they were cute and my kids have been loving their dive stick toys to play in the pool this Summer, so hopefully their little friends are enjoying them too! (PS- I included these in the party bags because I knew most kids coming to the party had regular swimming lessons, and I left the safety warning stickers attached for parents to read. Use your best judgement when gifting this type of toys).


mermaid party favor bags ideas


Mermaid Party Printables

I hope this post inspired you with some easy mermaid party ideas. If you’re planning a mermaid party, you may like to have a look at the mermaid printables we used for this party. The party pack includes everything from a birthday banner to food labels, a cake topper and party favor tags but you can purchase each item separately too, if you don’t need all the decorations.

Click the image below to find our mermaid party printables in the shop.

mermaid party printables


Don’t forget to tag @mypartydesign on Instagram or Facebook if you use any of our printables, I would love to see your parties!

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