Party circles 5 ways

We love printable party circles / cupcake toppers and use them a lot in our parties. But did you know there are at least 5 different ways to use them? They are so versatile and can have so many different applications on your party decor!


1. Use them as standard cupcake toppers. Simply cut out the circles and attach them to a lollipop stick or toothpick with a small piece of tape.



2. Create gift tags for you party favours. Our printable files always come with two versions: the square one to cut with a circle punch, and the circles, to cut manually with scissors. You can use the squares for a different look.



3. Transform paper cups by attaching a party circle on the front. For plain colour cups you can even wrap a ribbon around them and add the circle on top.



4. Print the circles onto adhesive paper and use them as stickers to adorn invitation envelopes or give them as favours. Kids will love these!



5. Cut two holes in the circle and you’ll get a fun straw or pencil embellishment.



Do you have any other ideas? Share them in the comments below!


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