Pizza Shop Dramatic Play

Pretend play is a huge thing for my kids. They really love it and after I started designing printable dramatic play themes for their play space, they keep coming to me with new ideas. A pizza shop dramatic play scene was highly requested and so I added a pizzeria theme to our growing collection of dramatic play printables.


pizza shop dramatic play for kids


Setting up a Pizza Shop Dramatic Play Scene

To make the pizza shop, I started by turning our ikea play kitchen around to use it as a base for our play scene. I like to use the play kitchen as it gives us a nice shop counter and clear boundaries for our play space but if you don’t have one, you can use a small table as a shop counter instead.

kids pizza shop set up on ikea play kitchen


To make the pizza shop come to life I designed themed signs and a price list to display around the pretend play space. A toy cash register is a great addition and makes the pizza shop look more realistic, while encouraging kids to look at the numbers and experiment with basic maths concepts. I also included a real (unused) pizza box as a prop.

pizza shop signs and price list for kids pretend play


I love including customer order forms in our dramatic play kits, as they are great to encourage writing / mark-making and communication during pretend play. After printing, I laminate them so the kids can wipe and reuse them over and over!

pizza shop make your own pizza forms for dramatic play


Making Play Pizzas

I printed the pizza bases and toppings that come with our Pizza Shop dramatic pay printables and got cutting! This is a task the kids can absolutely help with, and will get them working on those important scissor skills.

You can then display your pizza toppings in small containers with labels, or in my case we used an egg carton to keep everything organised in our small space.

pizza base and toppings for pizza shop dramatic play


I wanted the pizza bases to be a bit sturdier, so I mounted them onto pieces of cardboard to make them nice and thick for play.

diy cardboard pizza base, pasta and salad bowls for kids play


DIY Cardboard Box Pizza Oven

Every pizza shop needs a pizza oven!

Once we had our pizza bases and toppings ready to go, I knew we’d want a pizza oven to complete the set up. I grabbed a cardboard box, cut an opening at the front and painted bricks around it using orange and red paint pens. Then I printed and cut the fire image that comes with our Pizza Shop dramatic pay printables and glued it to the back of the oven.

You can complete the look by adding kitchen utensils like toy wooden spoons and cooking tools that you already own. We had a play food set that came with a pizza board and cutter, so we added them to our pizza shop scene.

diy cardboard pizza oven and play pizza for dramatic play

Our pizza shop has been a success and my girls have been making and selling pizzas every day since we set it up!

I hope this post inspired you to create a new play experience for your little ones.

If you’d like to set up a play space like this one, you can grab our Pizza Shop Dramatic Play Printables that include all the signs, labels and forms shown in the photos. Or check our Dramatic Play section for other imaginative play printables!


pizza shop dramatic play printables for imaginative play

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