Play Money for Pretend Play

It wasn’t the first time I had caught my daughters playing with their pocket money (gross). They love playing shops at the moment, but the currency that came with their toy cash register has been missing for a while so it was about time I came up with some play money that they could actually use for their pretend play adventures.


play money for pretend play


Play Money Design

I started by creating the design for the notes and coins. I wanted them to look fun and playful, with bright colours and kid friendly fonts. These are not accurate representations of any particular currency, as they were designed primarily for play, but kids will definitely learn basic maths concepts and number representation just by playing with them.

But…as I know my customers love options, I created an editable version so you can change the currency (£ and € supported) or the amounts to suit your country’s currency (link for the printables at the end of this post).


play money notes, coins and credit card


Making it last

After printing the play money, I cut and used a glue stick to mount the designs onto some cardboard scraps from our recycling craft pile (is that a thing in your house too?).

I like to use cardboard because it makes the notes and coins chunky, perfect for little hands to hold (and not rip apart), while also being eco friendly – we can recycle them when they’re no longer needed. But if you’re looking for maximum durability or you’re using these with multiple children, laminating might be your best option. In that case I recommend cutting, laminating and then cutting again with a small border around each item.

And of course I had to include a credit card template! After all, kids probably see us using cards more often than currency these days, so that comes up in their play. In fact, the card was the first thing my 3 year old grabbed when I showed her the play money, and she quickly demonstrated she knew how to ‘tap the card’ for payment.


pretend credit card and play money on toy cash register


Make your own play money

Would your kids like these too? Click the image below to grab this printable play money kit from the shop.


printable play money for pretend play


Don’t forget to tag @mypartydesign on Instagram if you use any of our printables, I would love to see how your little ones play with these!


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