Shark Birthday Party

The other day I got a message asking if I had a Shark Birthday Party theme in the shop. If you have young kids you are probably familiar with Baby Shark. You know, the sweet little video with an incredibly annoying song that you can’t stop singing?

Well my 3 year old loves it and can often be heard singing “do-do-do-do-do” while she’s playing. I knew I had to add a shark party to my list of new themes for the year, because I’m sure there must be many other little boys and girls who would love it for their birthdays!


Shark Party Printables


I always love designing new themes, but this Shark Birthday Party was particularly fun! I made a few sketches before I was happy with my kid-friendly shark and it all came easily together after that.


Shark Cake Topper and cupcakes

My favorite details would have to be the cake topper with the shark and fish characters, and the cupcake wrappers with a shark fin outline. And I absolutely love the fun and bright colour scheme!


Shark Party Printable Cake Topper and Cupcakes


Shark Party Banner and backdrop

To decorate this table I started by hanging crepe paper streamers on the wall behind it to make a fun backdrop. I twisted them and used painter’s tape at the top and bottom to hold them in place. Then I hung the party banner on top.


Shark Party Printable Banner


Shark Party Decorations

I placed the cake on top of an inverted fruit bowl for height with the cupcakes in front. Then I worked my way up to the other end of the table, adding more cupcakes, drink bottles, party favor bags and a couple more treats in yellow and blue baskets at the front. I’m so happy with how it all looks together, it may seem like a lot of work but it was actually so quick and easy to put together with just a few printables.


Shark Party Printable Cupcake Toppers and wrappers

Shark Party ideas

Shark Party Printables

Shark Party Printables

Shark Party Printables

Shark Party ideas

Shark Party favors


Shark Party Activity

The shark party pack also includes a colouring page to be used as an activity for the party or as a gift for guests to take home.


Shark Party Printable Coloring Page


I hope this post inspires you to create a fun Shark or Under the Sea Party for a special little one in your life!

All printables used to style this Shark Birthday Party table can be purchased in the shop here.


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