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FREE Printable Pegboard Pattern Cards

free printable pegboard pattern cards

  I bought this pegboard for my 3 year old who is really into puzzles but she quickly lost interest in it. To extend the use of this toy I created some pattern cards for her to copy onto the board. I included easy patterns and some more complex ones. She needed my help so […]

FREE Printable Cereal Play Mats

free printable cereal mats for toddlers

  I know you’re not supposed to let kids play with their food, but this one is a good exception! I love this activity because it’s super easy, cheap and mess-free. My toddler likes to snack on dry cereal so when I need a few minutes of peace and quiet I bring out these play […]

FREE Printable Matching Socks Game

matching socks game printable

  Since becoming a mum of two I’ve been having to come up with all sorts of strategies to keep my toddler quiet while the baby naps. In the early days the exhaustion of sleep deprivation was getting to me and I was relying on the TV more often than I would like. I knew […]