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Ice Cream Shop Dramatic Play

ice cream shop dramatic play printables on ikea play kitchen

My 3 year old daughter is obsessed with ice cream. I’ve lost count of how many random things from around the house have become a pretend ice cream, so I knew an ice cream shop pretend play scene would get much love from her. And so I created her dream ice cream shop with these […]

FREE Name and Alphabet Tracing Mat

free alphabet tracing mat for writing practice

  My 3 year old daughter has been showing an interest in letters lately, and is always asking me to write her name on her drawings. I designed this printable name tracing mat for her to get familiar with the alphabet and practice writing her name. Laminating the pages for her to use with a […]

FREE Cake Playdough Mat

free printable cake playdough mat

  An easy and fun activity for little playdough lovers! These playdough mats come with 2 colour cakes that they can add the candles to. They would make a great activity or take home gift for birthday parties too!   To make your playdough mat: DOWNLOAD – Scroll down to find the download link at the […]

FREE Printable Cookie Counting Cards

free printable cookie clip cards

  Is your little one starting to get the hang of numbers and counting? You can foster that interest with this simple counting game. Each card has a number of cookies for the child to count and match with the corresponding number bellow using pegs.   This activity will give the child the opportunity to […]

FREE Printable Pegboard Pattern Cards

free printable pegboard pattern cards

  I bought this pegboard for my 3 year old who is really into puzzles but she quickly lost interest in it. To extend the use of this toy I created some pattern cards for her to copy onto the board. I included easy patterns and some more complex ones. She needed my help so […]

FREE Printable Plate Playdough Mat

free printable plate mat

  “What’s for dinner?” This might be the most asked question parents hear. So next time you’re prepping dinner and your little ones asks you that question, how about keeping them busy making a playdough version of it? Print the playdough mat and have them fill the plate with the ingredients. You might be surprised […]

FREE Printable Cereal Play Mats

free printable cereal mats for toddlers

  I know you’re not supposed to let kids play with their food, but this one is a good exception! I love this activity because it’s super easy, cheap and mess-free. My toddler likes to snack on dry cereal so when I need a few minutes of peace and quiet I bring out these play […]

FREE Printable Pizza Playdough Mat

free printable pizza playdough mat

  Cheese, salami, olives, pepperoni… Your little one can build their own pizza with as many or as little toppings as they like. This ‘build a pizza’ playdough mat is a great way to help them name and shape their favourite foods!   For a mess free alternative you can use the mat with some play […]

FREE Printable Baby High Contrast Cards

free printable baby high contrast cards

  A baby’s first year of life is critical for their development and their eyesight will experience massive transformations, from seeing shapes, to focusing, recognising colours and developing hand eye coordination. As a parent, a way for you to help your young baby develop their eyesight is to provide high contrast images in black and […]

FREE Printable Face Playdough Mats

free printable face playdough mats

  Playdough is one of the favourite boredom busters in our house. It’s so easy to put an activity together by getting the playdough out with a rolling pin and a few shape cutters. Playdough mats are another fun way to let children explore their creativity. These “Make a face” playdough mats were an instant […]